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TAKARA 10 SHIROKURO Eeyonn(Saitama pref.)

The artist's name is "SHIROKURO Eeyon. To translate into English, I looked up the meaning of the artist's name in Japanese and found the following ”note.”

She said it seems correct that both black and white are good.

She had a history of not knowing whether she would participate in the 2023 Takaramono exhibition and carried it over to the next time.

She spoke of her thoughts. She could not shake off that she was still not good enough.

Her messages are always polite; you can tell she cares about us. We hope to see her work in this exhibition, as she has a deep sense of nostalgia.


Born in 1980 in Aichi Prefecture

Lives and works in Saitama Prefecture

FromSHIROKURO Eeyonn's Instagram


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