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TAKARA 6 Yuuki Kashiwagi(Gunma pref.)

Yuuki Kashiwagi is an artist who works with woodblock prints. Not many people may be able to get the idea of "pixel woodblock prints." Here is a link for your reference. Woodblock prints are often described as having a rustic, rough, and hand-carved flavor, but Kashiwagi's pixel woodblock prints are avant-garde works that extend a more modern perspective to his techniques.

It is thrilling to imagine the finished work as a woodblock print created with the sensations of IT and his own hands!

Born in 1991 in Shizuoka, Japan 


Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Oil Painting, Major in Printmaking


Completed Graduate School of Musashino

Art University, Department of Art and

Design, Printmaking Course


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