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TAKARA 14 Ibuki Chiba(Hyogo Pref.)

Chiba is a Kobe-based artist who also does illustrations, workshops, and other artwork at facilities in Kobe. He has also visited BIOME as a client.

What is illustration? There are various opinions about this segregation in the art world. However, in the course of holding exhibitions at BIOME, they would like to offer art that can be enjoyed and thought about in various interpretations, not just one solution, as they digest the project theme in their way and understand the creative process.

Focusing on animals and plants, she aims to create works that make people think, "I wish there was such a world. Her pure and warm works will leave an impression to many people as treasures and gifts. Please look forward to them.

Born in 1999

Graduated from Kobe Design University

Chiba Ibuki studied as a design and illustration artist at Kobe University of Art & Design. After graduation, she worked for a newspaper company, doing illustrations and design work for clients and holding exhibitions and workshops at galleries and other venues.

From Ibuki Chiba's Instagram


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