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TAKARA 15 Rei Toyoda(Kanagawa pref.)

As a child, she loved to play in the mud. In univiesty, she majored in Spanish. I found this information about Toyoda on the Internet.

In her experience at the Fondation Artigas de Barcelona studio, Toyoda says, "In contrast to Japanese ceramics, where traditional techniques are well established, I was very inspired by the Artigas studio's free thinking and unconventional expression of techniques and methods."

Learning techniques on one own is possible, but it isn't easy to control the kiln. If anyone works alone, reaching what you have learned in a master-student relationship takes time, and you may need to improve.

However, artists who learn to change their approach and ideas, rather than being driven and rushed, may become more robust and flexible. With such a background, we are pleased to present Toyoda's work in Kobe.

Completed the Manufacturing Course at Aichi Prefectural College of Ceramic Technology

Worked at a pottery in Seto, Japan, and then at a pottery in Yokohama, Japan

Worked as an assistant at a studio in Barcelona, Spain

Built the Tokiwa Studio in Kamakura

Worked hard while teaching pottery classes.

From Toyoda's website


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