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TAKARA 17 Natsumi Noda(Tokyo pref.)

As you can see, Noda's works are more like "paintings" than "tableware" that grabs the viewer's heart. The bright, relaxed, and sophisticated color scheme, which differs from Japanese and Western tableware, is unique. Please look at the most recent interview with her, which is very detailed and informative.

We had considered holding a solo exhibition at BIOME but could not come to an agreement due to sales channel issues. We wondered if we could introduce her work in another way and in a different format, leading to her participation in the "TAKARAMONO for OKURIMONO" exhibition.

It was fascinating to hear about Mr. Noda's background and motives for creating the items to be exhibited and painted. We also mentioned that most of her work is plates, and when we exchanged ideas and asked about how she arranges food, we were excited about the possibilities for the future. Noda's work is said to be unique, with no two pieces having the same pattern. It would be a rare opportunity to see them in the gallery.

Born in Tokyo, 1992

Graduated from Tohoku University of Art & Design, Department of Fine Arts, Crafts Course, Ceramics Course

Graduated from Tohoku University of Art & Design, Crafts Course, Research Student

Currently based in Tokyo


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