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TAKARA 18 Syunsai Hata(Toyama pref.)

I started the tea ceremony because, as a child, I was interested in putting away the utensils in their original state. It was not a joke, but a "game" that I loved to play, far removed from receiving a diploma. I was comfortable with the novelty and beauty of the process.

Hata succeeded, the third generation of Shunsai Hata, and he must be an artist who has just reached a significant turning point in his career.

We thought he must have been affected by the earthquake that hit the Noto region on New Year's Day, 2024, so we were relieved when we could contact him. Please enjoy the information about him from the website we introduced first.

Only some people may have a tea kettle for their ordinary days. However, it plays such an important role that Sen no Rikyu wrote a poem, "One kettle is enough, and it is foolish to have other utensils in the tea ceremony. Even during the tea ceremony, we control it by pouring hot water and watering it.

Is the tea ceremony kettle exhibited at BIOME?


"Chagama," the highest and most exceptional, is one of the tea utensils. However, it is not a daily thing to see them up close. Moreover, you may have yet to think it is a tool to use in the home. However, I'm sure that soft and abundant hot water is helpful for cooking, sterilization, beverages, humidification, and many other purposes.

Syunsai Hata (third generation)


Born in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture


Shunsai Hata assumed the name of ”Shunsai Hata, the third generation”


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