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TAKARA 21 Naoko Wada(Hyogo pref.)

It is often said that the world is a small place, and when it became clear that Naoko Wada was a friend of a friend, I realized that she was very close to us. She had been an accountant at a major department store and had been involved in art while working.

I met Wada in December 2023, and as I had heard, her footwork is light, and she has an appealing perspective that does not make you feel the weight of art. Print Gokko* is her artwork partner. As far as we know, these frank, postcard-sized artworks were created by Print Gocco and depict life scenes in downtown Kobe and other areas. There are other actor series that are also fun. These works are initially enjoyable, and I want to view each series, but this is the Takaramono exhibition.

We look forward to seeing what kind of work she will contribute to the exhibition.

プリントゴッコPrint Gocco): A simple home-use risograph and silkscreen plate-making machine formerly sold by RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION (Japan). It is no longer manufactured and sold.

I use an old home plate press called Print Gocco. It is an excellent printing machine that can do multi-color printing at one time.

Lives in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

Completed Illustration Course at the International Academy of Art and Design

Graduated from Saga Art Junior College, Department of Western Painting

From Wada’s website


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