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TAKARA 3 Marion Elliot(UK)

Marion's vibrant cutout collage was chosen as the key visual for the TAKARAMONO for OKURIMONO 2024 exhibition. I have been following Marion on SNS for quite some time, but I never thought I could work with her this time. When I held it in my hands, I found the original paper to be "just right for that arrangement" and "just like that? I was surprised. And it is not only paper cutting; she is a great artist with many faces.

I am a designer and printmaker who works mainly in paper. I love using printmaking techniques to produce densely textured papers to use in my collage work.

I started my career in London and worked as a writer, stylist and art director for clients including F&W Media, David and Charles, Hachette, Hallmark, IPC Magazines, National Magazines etc. I have published 25 books on design subjects, including paper engineering and textiles.


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