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The following is a list of questions and comments we have received from you. We are pleased to present a representative list of your questions and comments. As of December 18, 2023

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About the Exhibited Works

1) What are the size and other size specifications?
>There is no size requirement. If it reminds you of a "treasure" or "gift," there is no problem.

2) Is it OK if it is different from my category?
>We have a history of confirming artists' participation by examining their main works. If it differs from the artist's main work, that is fine, but please carefully consider the impact on the artist.

3) Can I use a brooch or something similar?
>BIOME doesn't handle food, beverages, apparel, and decorative items. Therefore, please refrain from wearing accessories and jewelry.

About the Exhibit

(1) Can you specify about the display?

>Since this is a joint exhibition of more than 20 artists, please leave the overall display to BIOME.


(2) Can I go to set up the exhibition?

>Please leave it to BIOME. If It happens, I will contact you, and we need to discuss exhibition techniques.


(3)My work is unique and not a regular way to set up the exhibition?

>If you have any special instructions for the setup, please let us know at the time of delivery. If it is difficult, we will discuss it with you.

I want to be at the gallery.

Since this is a joint exhibition, as a rule, you are not required to be present at the gallery. However, you can stay in the gallery for a few hours. I want to announce your stay in the gallery, so please let us know if you have any plans.

About the PR

(1) May I use your banners?

>We will share copyright information separately, including BIOME information and banners. Please feel free to use them to promote this exhibition.


(2) Can I make my banner or a banner of my work?

>We are aiming to hold a joint exhibition as one. Please use the banner or logo we have specified. If you have difficulty deciding, please consult with us in advance.

Shipping in and out and return

(1) What is the cost of moving in and out?
>The cost is as stated in the agreement. In addition, since the items are purchased on a "purchase on extinguishment" basis, BIOME will bear the cost of returning any items that are no longer in stock.


(2) Can I bring in the items myself?
>Yes, of course. In that case, there is a possibility that the gallery may be closed, so please let us know the date and time in advance.


In principle, the "Treasures for Departures" exhibition is held annually.

Therefore, when you mention yourself or your designated exhibition, please note the year it was held.

You will be participating in "Treasures for Departures 2024".

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