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TAKARAMONO for OKURIMONO 2024 is finished

The title of the event is, but it is still ongoing.

You have until noon on Friday, March 8, online to enjoy the artwork and enter your purchase.

Some of the works have already been oversubscribed and are also fun opportunities. For a list of works and messages, please click here.

The call for artists for the 2024 event was later than usual, and the number of confirmed participants was 21, which is fewer than usual.

However, we were able to set up the exhibition thoroughly, and visitors commented that they could view each piece quickly and thoroughly.

The works were unique, and the viewer's affinity and separateness with the works varied.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this group exhibition was not held until 2023. However, a word pushed me to restart 2024.

She said, "This project may be challenging but rare and meaningful. It should be continued—a word from a partner who controls BIOME's image in the shadows and the sun. Continuing to evaluate ourselves with resolution is necessary to think in a dull and differentiated way. Strong, objective opinions were encouraging and appreciated....

I don't mean that I am a curator and have the incredible power of curation. Today's society is overflowing with so much information that it is difficult to discern the truth, likes, dislikes, and texture of information.

A recent article in a significant art information magazine included the following comment from an art dealer:

"The latest trend is 'contemporary art.

The latest trend is contemporary art. The wealthy are buying widely, and prices are skyrocketing."

Yes, I am not criticizing these words. It is an essential factor when you are in charge of running a business.

Now, do you want to be in the business, have fun in the business, or be creative in the definition of the business?

The "Takaramono for Okurimono" exhibition is one of those rare exhibitions in which the artists' voices directly reach us from their hearts.

We want to express our sincere appreciation to the 21 artists.


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