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Kate Trafeli 「海外からのアーティストを」

Kate Trafeli (London,U.K. )











©️Kate Trafeli *展示作品ではございません


Kate Trafeli :   "Corona panic just as BIOME was considering a solo show of an international artist

Kate Trafeli (London, U.K.)


Kate Trafeli grew up in the western United States, surrounded by tumbleweeds, big skies, large prairies, and little else. After graduating from university, she moved to large cities around America: Boston, New Orleans, and Los Angeles.

Kate then moved onward to London for several years and also spent 10 years living in Italy. The Italian language, history, and culture greatly influenced her iconography and palette and continue to do so.

Today, Kate is a painter living again in London and the mother of three young children. Her past experiences and current circumstances of the world continue to influence Kate's creative work.

BIOME was planning a business trip to the UK in the spring of 2020 and was checking out galleries of interest. Unfortunately, my trip was canceled due to the public health situation, as you know. In preparation for this trip, as in Japan, I made notes of all the works that I found interesting, whether they were famous or not, or whether they were trendy or not.

What remained in my memory were the vivid colours that directly appealed to me. It wasn't easy to describe whether it was complicated or straightforward, and the keywords were also compelling—the work done by a woman named Kate Trafeli. I immediately sent her a message in poor English, had a series of Q&A sessions, discussed the possibility of a solo exhibition, and invited her to try out a few of her works in Japan, given the inconvenient situation. It may have been a high hurdle for both Kate and BIOME, but they have been eager to understand each other. Shortly, I may be able to introduce Kate to BIOME. First of all, though, please try to get some inspiration from her works.


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