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A gallery, but not a gallery.​


“A gallery, but not a gallery.”
BIOME is an art gallery

but not confined to that framework.
We have two ways of welcoming people.

One is “Kanjiru,” where people can

closely feel various kinds of art.
Another is “Manabu,” where people can meet

an “aha! Moment” by learning something

they have never seen or known.
We hope to be a place where you can come to know

your new or changing self.


Tomoko Sakaoka Painting Solo Exhibition

「香港のアトリエから」Atelier from Hong Kong

Saturday, May 11, 2024 - Sunday, May 19, 2024
11:00-15:00 on the last day only
Closed on Wednesdays

nakatasan_dm_アートボード 1.jpg

Meeting You Online

Not an online store,

”Meeting You Online.”
To BIOME, and delivered to.
Of course, you can purchase them.
You can also enjoy the works shown

at the solo exhibition.



Please click here  →   Meeting You Online

In the spotlight right now!

古村耀子(Yoko Komura)



Meeting You Onlineでご案内中。

Meeting You Onlineロゴ_edited.jpg


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To enjoy art comfortably

BIOME would like to ask you for your cooperation. 

Please help us in our efforts to create a healthy and pleasant place for everyone to enjoy.

BIOME is making every possible effort to deal with viral infections such as COVID-19. We ask that you take precautions to protect yourself and avoid infection.

You can receive announcements from BIOME by writing your name and email address below.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you soon.

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