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HAPPY beginning of the year

We have wanted to do this exhibition since BIOME Gallery opened in 2019. And we were able to start in 2020.


​Past ’TAKARAMONO for OKURIMONO’ Exhibsion


Latest News


Participating artists for 2024 are now available!


Schedule and Outline

​Newcomers have no ties.

BIOME's gallery is not about achievements or name recognition. It's about our unwavering commitment to creating a welcoming and unpretentious environment where everyone can feel comfortable. From the beginning, our virtual team has been working hard on PR and creating a buzz, and although we are in Kobe city, we've successfully launched ourselves as a well-known gallery in Tokyo. As a newcomer, we're proud to offer a place where people can enjoy themselves freely, without any pretensions or ties. We're dedicated to maintaining this ethos.


Is art special?

Nowadays, there is no such thing as a sundry or miscellaneous object that is thought of solely in terms of its use and functionality. Or, for that matter, art, even for those who call it a body of work. The world of excessive claims to rights and unjustified harassment. This world is also more or less pervasive. It would be great if we could bring what is proposed as art closer to the people who live in this world. Wouldn't it be great if it were all in one place, too?


I'm the only one who has it (maybe).

I think exclusivity has a very special meaning, whether it is for me or for my loved ones. That is why I chose Takara and Okurimono. In addition, how nice it would be to have a handwritten message from the artist on the work you have chosen. A commentary on the work or a message to someone who is looking for it would be good. We have decided to display the works with such a message.


Art Boundaries

We are often asked how art differs from illustration. I do not know the definition, but from the viewer's point of view, it is "PAINT" and "PRINT," and I guess it is just visual art. If a client asks for a picture for PR, a simple and clever picture using simple and intelligent materials, while considering speed and presentation, is probably called an illustration. They may talk about the Mingei (folk art) movement if they ask what crafts are. However, many of us living in the modern age can easily incorporate crafts into our daily lives, not by reason, but without distinction. It is good to do so, and it is also good to know the roots.


A single work by a single artist is so demanding of expression.

In a solo exhibition, artists create a theme or collection for a single exhibition period. However, in “Treasure for Departures,” only one work per person is exhibited under the theme of “Treasure” or “Departures. I always have a hard time deciding what to display. It is so tricky because creativity takes many forms and appeals to us.


 Opportunity creation

Artists may develop an interest in holding a solo exhibition in a local city, or guests may become interested in a category they were not previously interested in. We want the exhibition to be where people can discover and create new opportunities, precisely what we hope it will be.

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