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Non-Japanese agreements differ. Please check the English page.


TAKARA ColumnThis is a collection of tips for exhibitors.


Conception of TAKARA's work vol.1

Please use it as a hint for your exhibits!


Not all the usual pieces are good.

Even if it is your most famous work, your unique world may be challenging to express in this exhibition. It does not necessarily mean that your work is as popularity as usual. Please be aware that your work will be displayed as one of many.


Where is your goal?

Indeed, the keywords "treasure" and "gift" tend to inflate stereotypical images. But you should set goals as an artist. For example, when discussing sales, please carefully study the balance between price setting and artwork.


What is the essence?

The keywords "treasure" and "gift" often bring many people's images of pricey and gorgeous artworks to mind. However, that is different from what BIOME is looking for. We ask you to have such an awareness that will bring up something profound in someone's heart, "Oh, I want to cherish and keep this.


Environment in which the work is placed

Your work, which is only one artwork among many diverse works, may be appreciated by others in terms of appearance and quality by the viewer. Pay attention to the packaging materials for the theme of treasure. We understand that, at the end of the day, your passion for art is the most important.

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