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TAKARA ColumnThis is a collection of tips for exhibitors.


Appeal at TAKARA show

Please use it as a hint for your exhibits!


That's why you don't need to be present in the gallery.

This Takaramono exhibition does not require you to be present in the gallery. Since you are not in contact with the audience, it may be difficult to feel a realistic sense of the situation on the spot. Therefore, please see things from BIOME's point of view. How can you make your work appealing and get people interested?


The people you approach are

During the exhibition, BIOME will introduce the works one by one, in a more holistic way, or by category, using images, videos, texts, etc. BIOME's approach is mainly aimed at the viewer/buyer, but artists are encouraged to make their own decisions. And if you tell us, BIOME will endeavor to do so.


At the beginning of the year 2025

We say to most of them so. 'Please do what you most want to express and challenge at the time yourself when holding the exhibition.' The exhibition's theme is fixed, but how you express yourself is up to you. Even if it is a temporary group exhibition, being aware of what you are doing is motivating.


From a small city

Kobe is a tiny city. Instagram tends to get stuck in a rut, but it's essential to have something to transmit. Please follow BIOME's Instagram or sign up for our e-newsletter to watch what BIOME sends out from the small town. If you have any requests, we'd love to hear from you!

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