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TAKARA 12 Yuji Takahashi

Takahashi held an exhibition of heavy machinery at BIOME in October 2023. It was made possible by a strong request from a guest who wanted his exceptional work to be included in the exhibition."This is an unprecedented case.

At first, we expected that Takahashi would receive a painting. We were surprised to find the artwork with captions and all the necessary tools neatly arranged and very compactly packaged. What a semi-3-dimensional work! What should I do with it, hang it on the wall or the table? We were pleasantly puzzled.

Upon closer inspection, we found that the blocks that made up the work were of various sizes, with multiple drawings and even mysterious letters. From enthusiasts to children, everyone who stayed in the gallery for a long time enjoyed the exhibition.

Well, His heavy machinery work will come to BIOME again! We hope you enjoy it!

Lives and works in Tokyo

Completed graduate studies at Tokyo University of the Arts

I create picture books, illustrations and paintings.

From Takahashi's website


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