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TAKARA 16 Katsumi Nishikawa(Kanagawa Pfef)

Many works of art depict buildings and houses, and BIOME has featured them several times. They are attractive as structures, reflecting the time and history that have been etched into them, and their appearance reflects the culture. Above all, we are interested in the people who live there.

Nishikawa is an artist who creates Western-style paintings, and not a few of his paintings depict European-style buildings. It would be due to the influence of his several years in France, where he worked on his projects. For example, it may not be an actual building, but a tree or a mountain is sometimes used as it.

His works are humorous rather than delicate and tense, and the building oneself seems to speak to us.

The contents express a variety of situations, and it is fun to look at them from one end to the other. It is as if you are conversing with Nishikawa, whom you have yet to meet.

1970 Born in Saitama Prefecture

1996 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Design

Moved to France from 2001 to 2003

From Nishikawa’s website


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