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TAKARA 4 Tsuin (Tokyo pref.)

Read "twin."

I first saw her work at a solo exhibition at Gallery House MAYA in Tokyo.

Since then, I have been following Tsuin's painting line, in which she hopes to create pictures that resonate and capture the heart. Many of her book illustrations have been publicized.

Her paintings look like this. Eyes staring at a single point, a melancholy expression, lips knotted in a single line: such expressions make up the majority of her paintings. The flowing strokes of her graceful brush play a role in releasing these expressions.

A treasure trove of possibilities, we look forward to seeing this young artist at the TAKARAMONO exhibition.


Graduated from University of the Arts London

Graduated from Setsu Mode Seminar in Japan

Completed Aoyama Juku in Japan

From Tsuin's Instagram


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