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TAKARA 8 Tomoko Kyuki(Hyogo pref.)

Soon after I started BIOME, I learned she was based in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture. Although we started saying we should see each other and were immediately caught up in the Corona disaster.

Kyuki's woodblock prints are multi-colored, and most motifs are natural scenery, flora, and fauna. It is no wonder that she loves trekking and mountain climbing. Over the past year or so, I have sensed a change in her style, but what is the truth?

Even though we are free from the restrictive life, everything is too much and touches our nerves with information overload, warfare, natural disasters, and abnormal weather.

I would like to hear her stories at BIOME.

Woodblock artist


Born in Wakayama, Japan


Graduated from Kyoto University of Education, Faculty of Education, Department of Fine Arts

From 2000

  Started making multicolor woodblock prints

on her own.


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