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TAKARA 11 Takeshi Sumi

Sumi is an artist who cannot be categorized.

His principal works include photography and painting. In the former, he adds analog touches to his photographs. Some works are made so that light overflows from the head of the portrait, while others are made with a cutter knife, and countless slits (slits) are made. When you look at the finished product, you will be amazed at the fineness of the manual work. It is as if the work is emitting or taking in light, and the way the light changes depending on the angle is a delight to see in person.

The latter is a drawing. These are not sketches but beautiful works with fine lines and flowing colors.

In addition, he has recently been experimenting with works using threads.

His works are created from his fingers, just as if "guided by his fingers.

When he presses the shutter release button, when he makes a slit, when he draws a line.

His subtlety in creating works on the theme of "finding the world beyond the retina," which may seem difficult or natural, is something familiar to us, and the fact that it is a theme may be what attracts us to his work.

Born in Kyoto in 1981.

Graduated from Meiji University Faculty of Letters

Tama Art University Department of Information Design. 

He mainly creates photographs and drawings.

He has been based in Paris since 2013.

He returned to Japan in 2020 and has been creating and presenting his works, mainly in Kyoto.

From Sumi'sweb site


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